One Liner Tongue Twisters

1.   Can you Can a Can as a Caner Can Can Can a Can?

2.   Sixth Sick Shakes Sixth Sheep's Sick

3.   Which Witch Wished Which Wicked Wish?

4.   Father Francis From France Fried Five Fresh Fish For Five Friends From France

5.   The Sixth Sick Sheikh's Sixth Sheep's Sick

6.   She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore

7.   If u Notice This Notice You will Notice that This Notice is not worth Noticing

8.   Shoe Section, Shoe Section....

9.   i Feel a Feel a Funny Feel ,a Funny Feel i Feel, if u Feel the Feel i Feel i Feel the Feel u Feel

10. The owner of the Inside Inn was Inside his Inside Inn with his Inside Outside his Inside Inn

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