Sad Shayari #1

Maine apnoko door hote hue dekhaa hai,
Jo milaa nahi use khote hue dekhaa hai,
Log kehte hai phool sadaa haste hai,
Maine phoolon ko bhi akele me rote hue dekhaa hai.

I have seen beloved get apart,
Have seen losing things which I wished for,
People say flowers alwayz smile,
I have seen flowers cry in isolence.


Itnee badee duniyaa me koi sahaara nahi,
Apno ki bheed me koi hamaara nahi,
Kadam ladkhadaaye to unkaa haath thaam liya,
Wo bhi haskar bole ab ye haath tumhaara nahi.


There is no support in the vast crowd of this world,
there is no one i own in the crowd of beloved,
I grabed his/her hand when my steps lost balance,
He/she also smiled and said now this hand is no more yours.


Ab ke saal use mera intezaar nahi,
Wo jo dil beqaraar thaa ab ki baar nahi,
Uss ne mujhe chhord dia bas baat itni si thi,
Wo mera pyaar tha mai uska nahi.

This year He/she wont await Me,
the heart that used to be desperate, This time it isn't,
He/she ditched me thats all is the thing,
He/she was My love but I was not of him/her.


Sangeet sunkar gyaan nahi milta,
Mandir jaakar Bhagwaan nahi milta,
Patthar to log isliye poojte hai,
Kyunki vishwaas ke laayak insaan nahi milta.

Simply listening to music wont make you an expert,
simply going for pilgrimage or holy places wont get you to meet god,
Idols are worshiped by people because,
Because trustworthy humans are rare to be found.


Kaunsa zakhm tera taro taaza na tha,
Zindagi me Itne ghum the ke andaaza na tha,
unki jheel si aankho ka is me kya kasoor,
doobne waale ko gehraai ka andaaza na Thaa.

Which wound of yours to my heart is still not alive,
Life will be filled with so much sorrows, I had never expected of,
whats the mistake of her fountain blue eyes in all this,
The victim dint have an idea of its depth.

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  1. realy superb .......maza aa gaya .....agar tumne likha hai sahid bro to bahut khub likhte ho ....:)

    yash ur fan

  2. Wah...!!Akabr apne apni Jodha ko phool bana diya...bahut bahut shukriya apka..

  3. very true lines :) keep it up..


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