Love And Flirt Shayari #1

Meri saanso se tum shikwaa karte ho,
chhup chhup ke chaahat ka sauda karte ho,
Tum hi socho ye kaisi majboori Hai,
Mujh me reh kar mujhse hi pardaa karte ho.

You complain for my name in your breath,
Secretly share the feeling of love,
You only think whats this helplessness,
Even though you live in Me you hide from Me.


Mit jaaye doori Agar Tum Chaaho,
Na koi ho majboori Agar tum chaaho,
Hume to hai chaahne waale aur Bahot magar,
Humaari hai aaj bhi tamanna ke Hume Tum Chaaho.

This distance would vanish among us if you wish,
There won't be any restriction among us if you wish,
There are many who loves Me but,
I wish that You LOVE Me,


Meri kahani mera kissaa ho tum,
tumhe kaise bhulaa saktaa hoon,
kaise dilse mitaa saktaa hoon,
meri saanson ka hissaa ho tum.

You are My story and prose,
How could I forget You,
How could I remove you from my heart,
You are a part of My breath.


Tum na jaao kahee,
Bas ek nazar dekh lene ki ijaazat de do,
kuch waqt guzaar lene do apni aankhon ki gehraiyon me,
chaaho to badle me umra bhar ki ruswaai de do.

Don't You go anywhere,
Just permit Me to stare at You for a moment,
Let me spend some time in the depth bof your eyes,
Give me a lifetime insolence in return if You wish.


Mere yaar ki jahaan se niraali hai adaa,
Andaaz unkaa hai yaaro sabse Judaa,
khafaa ho jaaye to kaatil se kam nahi,
Meharbaan ho to khudaase kam nahi.

The style of my friend is unique from all,
His/her style is different from all,
If angry then He/she's nothing less than a killer,
If happy then He/she's nothing less than god.

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  1. Nice post.This is lovely. I would love to see more of an English translation which could really a good thing.Luckily, I can't see machines taking over the jobs of human translators in the near future, as they have done with so many other professions.

    1. Thank you for your admirations. It is really valuable for me.


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