Friendship Poems

Friendship is like a garden.
It’s beautiful when watered with luv, hugs,
tears & cheers but dries up,
if left untouched so always keep in touch.

A friend is sweet when its new.
But it is sweeter when its true,
But U know what? Its sweetest when its U.

If you get Diamond
Old Friends are Gold,
New Friends are Diamond,
If you get Diamond,
Don’t forget the Gold,
Bcoz Gold only hold Diamond.

Friendship is like a tree,
It is not measured on how tall it could be,
But is on how deep
The roots have grown.

Every garden must have a rose,
Every sweet face must have a smile,
Every grass must have a dew,
Every good person must have a friend like u.

When U win,
I will proudly say to the world Hey!
That’s my friend
But when U lose,
I Will sit by Ur side, hold Ur hand and say, hey Im Ur friend.


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